It's Magic, Charlie Brown

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Episode Title:
It's Magic, Charlie Brown.
Episode Description:
Charlie Brown decides that Snoopy needs to educate himself, and gives him his library card to go get a few books. Snoopy decides to take out one book, a book on magic, which after reading, influences him to hold a Vaudeville show (under the stage name "The Great Houndini"). During the opening, Snoopy practices magic with Woodstock by his side. Charlie Brown warns Snoopy to that the cat next door will get upset if he and Woodstock get really loud. However, Snoopy and Woodstock continue to perform more magic tricks and the cat next door angrily rips Snoopy's doghouse apart. He recruits Marcie as one assistant and announcer, and Sally as his silent assistant. In the show, he pulls a rabbit out of his hat (actually Woodstock with rabbit ears), then does a ring trick that goes wrong. Both of these tricks raise the ire of one heckler who demands their money back and does not see the humor the others see, but Snoopy quickly shuts him up both times. He also does the "stick-in-the-hole" trick to Franklin, the "amputation-decapitation" trick to Peppermint Patty, cutting Linus's trademark security blanket into strips (which appears to fail), the levitation trick to Lucy van Pelt, and biggest of all, making Charlie Brown literally disappear. A sudden rainstorm ends the show early, and Charlie Brown is left invisible. Convinced he is going to remain that way for the rest of his life, he prepares to roam the world as a lost soul, and Sally begins moving her stuff into his room. Before Charlie starts roaming, he decides to feed Snoopy to show him what has happened. When Snoopy realizes he cannot yet reverse the trick, he tries a couple of different ideas to make Charlie Brown somewhat visible again, including draping a sheet over his head and scaring Sally and when Charlie Brown looked in the mirror and saw that Snoopy made him a ghost, he faints. Despite this shortcoming, Charlie Brown realizes he has a golden opportunity to kick Lucy's infamous football without her usual prank of pulling it away at the last second. Taking advantage of his invisibility, Charlie Brown finally kicks the ball out of a bewildered Lucy's hand and then taunts her about it...

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