Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? Episode 3 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Char Adores Me Now
Episode Description:
Char starts obsessively clinging onto Haruto and discovers his interest in ancient magic, which he believes his Barrier magic is related to. She shows him books on ancient magic in the family library. When he tells her about anime she is desperate to watch it, so he invents a barrier that connects to Japan's internet. This requires teaching her Japanese which she masters in two weeks and is soon watching so much anime he limits her to three hours a day. Char ends up seeing his royal crest birthmark but mistakes it for a hero insignia. Gold leaves to deal with common bandits, so Char demands Haruto transform into his hero form to help Gold. This inspires Haruto to do just that, utilizing a barrier disguise to appear as a masked adult. After capturing the bandits he introduces himself to Gold as Still Pending and takes credit for all of Haruto’s anonymous deeds. After years of work Haruto finally produces a barrier clone of himself that can replace him when necessary. Their home is visited by Prince Laius and Princess Marianne whom Haruto realizes must be his younger siblings born after he was abandoned. Laius is an arrogant bully and challenges Haruto to a duel, but is defeated and humiliated. Marianne, more polite and intelligent, can't believe Haruto only registers as level 2.

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