Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Strongest in the World
Episode Description:
Haruto successfully infiltrates Gizelotte’s castle as Still Pending. Even with her powers as the hero Gizelotte is defeated with ease. Haruto fits her with a slave collar and allows her to remain queen but warns any attempt to remove the collar or kill Char will make the collar sever her head. He departs, leaving her totally humiliated. Five years later there have been no further assassination attempts and Char is growing up happily. Gizelotte has become a recluse and Haruto decides he can become a hikikomori again. Unfortunately Gold reveals Haruto must attend magic academy in the capital for three years as former-King Jilq has sponsored his attendance with the unspoken instruction to make friends with Marianne and Laius. Still pining for his hikikomori life Haruto instead decides to send his barrier clone that can’t use magic, hoping its lack of ability will lead to a justified expulsion that won’t upset Jilq or Gold. Meanwhile he retreats to his secret mountain cabin hoping for at least three years of total isolation, except for when Flay brings Char to watch anime. Haruto manages to make a teleportation barrier to make her trips easier, and to talk with his clone in the capital.

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