Jungle Shuffle

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Episode Title:
Jungle Shuffle.
Episode Description:
The film is the story of a group of coatis living in the Mexican rainforest. A young coati named Manu (Brianne Brozey) is the best friend of Sacha (Jessica DiCicco) where they are deeply in love with her. However, Manu has a reputation of being a troublemaker and Sacha is the daughter of the Coati Tribe's King (Tom Arnold) who dislikes Manu. Following an incident where a statue being made for the Coati King ends up accidentally destroyed, the Coati King exiles Manu from his kingdom never to return much to the objection of Sacha. One year later, Manu (Drake Bell) has changed his ways and is still in love with Sacha (Alicia Silverstone). One day, Sacha is abducted by a group of poachers working for the mysterious Dr. Loco (Rob Schneider). Sacha's abduction causes Manu to team up with a spider monkey named Chuy (also Rob Schneider) to rescue her so that he can redeem himself to the Coati King.

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