Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: Omake dayo! English Subbed


Episode Title:
It's an Omake.
Episode Description:
After getting her maid uniform damaged, Misaki asks Suzuna to fix it while she receives Suzuna's prizes delivered by Shizuko and Sakura. Much to her dismay, her mother and Suzuna try on her fixed maid uniform before finally getting it back on her. While getting a stone to use for making Tsukemono, Hinata and Usui arrive at the Ayuzawa residence to give them some vegetables delivered by Hinata's grandfather. After having dinner, Misaki asks Usui if he is still taking care of the kitten he adopted and he replies that he is, but has not given it a name yet. Misaki suggests that he should name the kitten "Licht" after the tea tin box delivered to Suzuna. Usui thinks it's a great name since "Licht" is German and Dutch for "Light".

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