Karas Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Destruction Awakes
Episode Description:
Nue and Otoha face off, and Yurine orders Otoha to kill him. Nue's yokai friend pleads for Nue's life, and Otoha is unable to bring himself to attack Nue because he feels that Nue isn't evil. Nue flees with a bad injury. Meanwhile, Eko and his minions move their plans forward; it is revealed that Eko is using another Yurine as a power source to create his mechanised Mikura demons. Two of his minions, Tsuchigumo and Kamaitachi attack the city and Karas is forced to fight Tsuchigumo miles away from where Kamaitachi was making his move. As Karas engaged Tsuchigumi, Yurine realizes that Eko's true target was actually Otoha's human body hospitalized, "comatose" human form. Karas's fight with Kamaitachi is cut short once he sees his true body. At that point, Yurine lets her guard down and is abducted by Tsuchigumo. Without Yurine's aid, Karas loses power and disappears. Before Kamaitachi kills Otoha, Nue appears and fights with Kamaitachi, but is so weak that he can't transform into a Mikura when he runs out of bullets. Otoha awakens from his coma and kills Kamaitachi while in human form. This all was witnessed by another Karas, a young lady named En.

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