Karas: The Revelation

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Episode Title:
Karas: The Revelation.
Episode Description:
In the wake of the hospital battle Otoha, now back in his (formerly comatose) body, recalls who he is as he helps Nue to recover. Upon learning the truth about how the Yurines and Karas work, he realizes that he may not be able to become Karas again while his Yurine is Eko's prisoner, but ex-Karas Eko is determined to put his plan in motion to replace the lost and corrupt city he has watched for centuries, so Otoha may have little choice but to act anyway. As the Karas and Yurine from other cities watch, Eko exploits his former underlings to turn Shinjuku into a nightmare where he stands indomitable. Only Otoha, as Karas, has a hope of defeating him, but how will he transform without his own Yurine?

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