Koisuru Asteroid Episode 4 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Exciting! Summer Camp!.
Episode Description:
For the Earth Science club's summer camp, club advisor Yuki Endō takes everyone to her grandmother's place, within spitting distance of several geological and astronomical highlights. The girls first visit the geological museum, where Mira brings what she believes to be a fossil she found during the barbeque to be appraised. She learns that what she found, despite initially appearing to just be a dendrite, does contain a few tiny elements that make it a genuine fossil. The next day, the gang tour the JAXA Space Center, where Mira and Ao try to find clues on how to discover an asteroid, after which they look at some stars and learn about a contest that they just missed the deadline for. For the final day, the girls take Mai to a map museum, where Yuki reflects on her past fascination with space.

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