Koyomimonogatari Episode 9 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Koyomi Torus.
Episode Description:
During December, after the events of Otorimonogatari, Koyomi is sitting in his room studying for entrance exams when Shinobu suddenly appears. Koyomi, who had received donuts from Hitagi earlier in the day, decides to treat Shinobu to some of them. While inspecting the donuts, Shinobu notices that they are not "Mr. Donut" brand and states that Koyomi's girlfriend likely poisoned them. After a short argument, Shinobu eats the first donut, stating that it was delicious and insists that she thank Hitagi directly. Koyomi suggests not to, as it would be awkward for Shinobu to introduce herself on such an odd note. Soon after, Koyomi attempts to grab a donut from the four remaining, but Shinobu recoils and states the other ones might be poisoned as well. Koyomi asserts that she's exploiting the situation in order to eat the rest of the donuts, and they eventually come to a compromise, Shinobu will hide each donut around his room, and every one Koyomi doesn't find will be hers to eat. After a cut, the scene transitions to a conversation over the phone between Koyomi and Tsubasa, who is currently overseas scouting out locations for her trip around the world. Koyomi tells Tsubasa that during the game, he was able to find three of the four donuts, but was puzzled on where the last one could have been hidden. Tsubasa presents the idea that Shinobu hid one of the smaller donuts within a larger one, meaning Koyomi would have eaten the evidence of the remaining donut. Koyomi then asks why Shinobu would do such a thing, as it would go against her intentions of consuming the rest of the donuts. Tsubasa responds, saying that it was Shinobu overlooking her selfish motives and chance of personal gain in order to teach Koyomi, not about secrecy or negotiations, but love.

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