Ku! Kin-dza-dza

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Episode Title:
Ku! Kin-dza-dza.
Episode Description:
The remake follows the plot of the original with minor changes. While the original story was set in 1980s, the remake is set in 2010s, some of the scenes were altered, and the two new protagonists are different from their 1986 counterparts. A renowned cellist Vladimir Chizhov (Uncle Vova) and his teenage nephew Tolik meet an alien with a teleportation device. Tolik carelessly pushes a button on the device, and he and Uncle Vova are beamed to the planet Plyuk in Kin-dza-dza galaxy. The planet is a post-apocalyptic desert without resources, ruled by a brutal racist regime. The two travellers meet three locals, Bi, Wef and their robot Abradox, who travel on a pepelats and constantly try to cheat and betray the naive newcomers. Tolik and Uncle Vova have to go a long distance through the rusting world of Kin-dza-dza to find their way home.

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