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Every 333 years the ultimate universal devil known as Kuiba is reborn. With each rebirth, Kuiba brings absolute destruction. In order to battle Kuiba, deities and people team up to assassinate him just before his revival. In 1664, the year of Kuiba's rebirth, the assassination attempt failed and it was reborn as the child Manji. Manji is unaware of his true identity and is adopted by Man Xiaoman, a mediocre Spirit Warrior, and he is trained in Pulsecraft. When Manji is physically prevented from joining the armies of Earth because of his poor skills, Kuiba’s pulse beast is released from within and they merge. The beast controlled by Manji attacks the combined forces of the Spirit Warriors, but Man Xiaoman rallies them and they destroy the beast. This releases Manji who then joins him and the Earth forces to destroy Kuiba.

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