Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Departing Katsuura, Heading to Kamogawa.
Episode Description:
As the Jersey Club prepares for the upcoming annual Oraga Arts Festival at the school, Kirius, Izo and Array sit idly by in Katsuura as they each recount being defeated by Madoka, though reminded that she is banned from piloting Midori. Izo soon becomes inspired by a samurai television drama with a desire to challenge Madoka to a duel. He travels to Kamogawa, prompting Kirius and Array to find and stop him. Kirius and Array arrive at the beach, where Kirius witnesses Madoka saving a boy from drowning and Array is forced to work for Hiroshi for the day to prevent a "dine and dash" scenario. As Izo ends up at the school and mistaken by the kendo club as his boyfriend, he is told how Madoka was inspired by Youko to join the Jersey Club after her mother died in the ocean trying to save someone from drowning. After hearing the story, Izo decides to leave before Madoka arrives. Kirius, Izo and Array return to Katsuura, where Villagulio is playing a dance video game. Villagulio gives the three of them the ultimatum of either joining him or leaving him, but only he will destroy the Vox Units.

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