Lagrange: The Flower Of Rin-ne Season 2 Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Welcome, Kamogawa!
Episode Description:
Contemplating on her last battle from a year ago, Madoka Kyouno has a career counseling session meeting with Machiko Iwabuchi. At a space station, Dizelmine and Moid conduct experiments on Lan while she is inside Orca. Suddenly, Muginami, piloting Hupo, leads an army of De Metrio Ovids to attack the space station, forcing Lan and the Le Garite army to retreat. The next day, Kirius, Izo and Array serve customers for Hiroshi Nakaizumi at the Be With Hiroshi restaurant, while Madoka saves a girl from drowning in the ocean. After talking with Sachi Nogami and Michi Kondou about aliens and career planning, Madoka wonders when Lan and Muginami will return to Kamogawa. The following day, Pharos appears in Kamogawa again for an intergalactic conference. Madoka finally reunites with Lan, who takes Madoka to Pharos so she can pilot Midori again. Muginami pilots Hupo and approaches Pharos, intending to stop Madoka from piloting Midori. However, Lan pilots Orca and engages Muginami in battle, believing that Muginami intends to kill Madoka. As Madoka objects to this, she manages to activate Midori again and enters the fray.

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