Lagrange: The Flower Of Rin-ne Season 2 Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
May This Voice Reach Kamogawa.
Episode Description:
As Yurikano and Madoka wake up and discover that they have switched bodies, Muginami ends up taking Yurikano away before an explanation can be made. Kirius, Izo and Array battle against the Le Garite forces, while the Vox Units arrive to save Lan, Muginami and Yurikano from the red crystal anomaly, although Midori leaves Yurikano behind after learning that she is not really Madoka. As Madoka is forced into an escape pod, Yurikano hijacks a Le Garite Ovid and meets up with Kirius, Izo and Array to fight off the Le Garite forces until Villagulio and the De Metrio forces arrive. Lan and Muginami then arrive to break up the fight, but Madoka inadvertently activates an emergency audio broadcast in her escape pod, transmitting her deduction that Yurikano is in love with Dizelmine. Just as Madoka is about to drift off into outer space, Midori rescues her and takes her straight to Dizelmine. Madoka and Yurikano then return to their original bodies, unbeknownst to Dizelmine, who admits his feelings to Yurikano before her. As the truth is brought to light, Yurikano lets go of her feelings for the safety of the universe, before disappearing into the Rin-ne once again.

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