Lance N' Masques Episode 10 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Be Who You Want to Be.
Episode Description:
Yōtarō and Dorgon fight each other after the Yoriko-Chief Dafei duel that goes back forth with both knights fairly even in strength. Yōtarō seemingly has the upper hand until Makio sees him with disdain and is about to be killed, but only for Dafei to take Dorgon's attack instead and collapses from exhaustion. Dorgon apologizes for his actions and says that he will atone for them. Gil-Ha meets with Yōtarō's father Shin, who's disappointed with how his battle turned out, and warns him to lay low for awhile. Dafei promotes Yōtarō the rank of Arch Knight as an apology to Yoriko after the whole ordeal. Back at the Kidōin mansion, Makio talks with Alice about Yōtarō being Knight Lancer after seeing him in battle. A ship container travelling the desert holds the World Knights' Africa branch, making a plan of attack.

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