Lance N' Masques Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
That's Why I am a Knight.
Episode Description:
Shin dispatches with the Per-Wadjet and sends Wadjet running off, later confronting Yōtarō to fight him. He refuses to face his father and Yoriko arrives to hold him off while they run away, just as he mentally scars his son by telling her that his training methods would have broken him if he had been under his tutelage. Outside on the container ship, Shin returns with Shirohime's mother Shirotsubaki and challenges Yōtarō to fight him, and get back Makio who's placed in a birdcage. The two square off in a duel, with Shin's lance Rhonogomyniad starting to cause Yōtarō's to slowly disappear. Makio tells him that she knew he was Knight Lancer and did not want to believe that because she did not want her hero to leave. Inspired by her words, Yōtarō regains his soul and his lance reappears to defeat Shin, with Makio's mother Yuma appearing to him as he's reminded of their time together. The next day, Dafei and Gai visit Yoriko in the hospital, only to spot Shin attempting train his son again in his own way, with Yoriko having faith that he'll be alright. Yōtarō prepares to return home to resume his knight training and brings Makio along with him because of the oath that Knight Lancer gave to protect her.

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