Lance N' Masques Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Are You Prepared.
Episode Description:
Worried for Makio's well being, Yōtarō decides to stay with her a little longer to protect her from any incoming danger. After seeing her attempt to climb a rock cliff and proclaiming that Knight Lancer will come to rescue her, he scolds Makio in that Knight Lancer wouldn't want a lady who constantly puts herself into trouble. Yōtarō visits the Kidōin Company building to talk with Makio's father but instead meets with Gai Kongouji, a third high-ranking member of the Throne Knights. After learning that Makio is being sent overseas by her father and that the men in suits from before are part of the criminal organization Ban, Yōtarō attempts to leave but Gai stops him and get into a fight that involves Yōtarō's lance being broken. Returning to the Kidōin mansion, he finds Alice knocked out and Makio missing.

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