Leafie, A Hen into the Wild

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Episode Title:
Leafie, A Hen into the Wild.
Episode Description:
Leafie (잎싹, leaf (잎) + sprout (싹)) lives on a chicken farm where she is in a battery cage with many other egg-laying hens that are in battery cages. However, she can't incubate the eggs even though they are her own. Dreaming of having her own young, then she faints. When the farmer saw her inactive, the farmer threw Leafie info the pile of dead hens, walked outside, and dumped the other dead hens. After being dumped, Leafie goes out of the hole where dead hens are being dumped. After getting out the hole, a one eyed weasel known as One-Eye (애구눈 "Aegunun") threatens Leafie, but Wanderer (a mallard duck, 나그네 "Nagnae") helps her to escape. Leafie makes friends with Wanderer, but the guard duck leaves without a word. Leafie goes back to the Farm to join the group of farm animals who reside outside the egg farm in the yard, but Rooster argues with Leafie and refuses to allow her into his flock, wanting her to return laying eggs. With nowhere else to go, Leafie sneaks out of the Farm and arrives in the wild, where she meets Mr. Otter (달수 "Dalsu"), who heard about Leafie and helps her find a place to live on Wanderer's behalf. The now wild hen meets Wanderer again but discovers he has a mate. That night, One-Eye kills Wanderer's mate, and after hearing the commotion, Leafie enters the nest and finds a single egg. Wanderer accepts Leafie to take care of the egg for a few days, while one night fighting off One-Eye. Wanderer instructs Leafie to take his unborn child to the everglades, and she will understand in time why. That night One-Eye returns, and Wanderer engages her in a fight to the death. Leafie witnesses the battle but Wanderer is killed by One-Eye, leaving Leafie upset...

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