Magical Meow Meow Taruto Episode 12 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Happily, Happily ever after.
Episode Description:
The 3 Byoh baddies, Cyclo, Aspa, and Rutame, are finally defeated outside the Castella mansion after a fierce battle. It is then revealed that Taruto is indeed a Kinka princess, but she also has a younger twin sister Pie A La Mode, the 280th Queen of the Royal Matah Family. Because of her stronger magic ability and leadership skill, Pie was the one chosen as the Kinka queen to lead the fight against the Byohs in Ganache, therefore she could only pay occasional short visits to Taruto in the past. The Kinkas have just scored a major victory in Ganache so Pie must return there. She brings Madam Willow back with her and bids farewell to Taruto and her friends. Taruto gets to live happily ever after with Iori in the human world.

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