Maken-ki! Two Episode 3 English Subbed


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While the Maken-ki is trying to complete a large backlog of paperwork, Monji inexplicably uses an Element to turn all the girls of Maken-ki including Aki into tailed cat people with cat ears leaving Takeru and Kengo to find a way to turn them back to normal. The next day, Takeru and Kengo finds the girls in heat due to entering the mating season for cats with Haruko, Kodama and Inaho trying to mate with Takeru. When they persist, the extent of their behaviour forces him to snap them out of it. As Takeru and Inaho goes off to find a missing Monji, Haruko and Kodama try to stop the other girls and rein in their catlike antics. Inaho searches for Monji in the mountains and finds him in the same valley they met at. With her cat abilities, she apologises to Monji and the all the girls turn back to normal. However, the backlog of paperwork increases due to the incident to their dismay.

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