Master of Martial Hearts Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Aya faces her final opponent, Ryu Getsurei, a lady in red who says she is a clairvoyant who can see her heart. Getsurei tells Aya that the tournament is nothing more than a game, a trick by Miko. Angered, Aya defeats Getsurei, but not before the woman claims that Aya's heart has become "a sheet of darkness". Aya seems to snap and beats the woman to death, still hitting her after she has died. Miko appears and tells her that since Aya won she got her wish and Miko has returned. Miko takes Aya into a warehouse where all of her past opponents are being held. All of Aya's past opponents have gone insane and Miko says they are now "perfect women" that people would pay a lot for. While Miko is to explain why, a man who was pretending to be Haruki, who had used plastic surgery to disguise himself, and Izumi Hayakawa appear and finish explaining the reason. They worked for Miko and decided to betray her by choking her. She is saved by Natsume and the real Haruki: both are also in on the plan. They tell her that they were the ones who organized the entire Martial Hearts tournament as a way to take revenge on Aya's family. Before Aya was born her father, Shigeyuki Iseshima, and her mother, Suzuko Iseshima, set up the original Martial Hearts tournament and sold all the women who lost into slavery. Two of those women were sisters, one being Miko's mother Yumi Kazuki and the other being Natsume's mother Kumi...

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