Mayo Chiki! Episode 13 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Please Massage Them!.
Episode Description:
Kinjirō wonders why there is a yaoi magazine mixed in his secret stash of magazines located under his bed. Nakuru shows up at his doorstep unannounced, letting slip that she was on his bed on the previous night. A series of flashbacks are told from Nakuru's point of view. Subaru notices a camera flash from the top of a building adjacent to the mansion while she is taking a bath, and after rushing over there in hopes of protecting her identity, she discovers that Nakuru is the photographer. At the butler cafe, Nakuru shows Subaru that the photo came out too foggy to decipher, in that she needed one to be sold in order to help publish her yaoi novels. Kanade shows up and donates some photos of Subaru in her butler suit for Nakuru to sell. Later at Kinjirō's house, Nakuru has Kureha and Masamune put together copies of her yaoi novels. As Nakuru compensates Kureha with some photos of Subaru, Kureha allows Nakuru and Masamune inside Kinjirō's room, which is when Nakuru placed the yaoi magazine in the stash of the other magazines. Subaru and Kanade later come by, and Subaru efficiently staples the novels. Nakuru hesitates when she asks Subaru a question left untold. Later, Kureha and Masamune go undercover and follow Nakuru to various places, including a book fair where she sold out all of her yaoi novels, and they take notice that she was viewing romance novels. After they realize that Nakuru may be in love, their cover is blown, but Nakuru still hesitates to tell them. As the flashback ends, Nakuru asks Kinjirō out on a date to a boardwalk, where she eventually admits to having a complex with her breasts, since she turned down a confession from a boy in the past assuming that to be the reason. Kinjirō unwillingly agrees to help her by enduring close bodily contact, but this causes Nakuru to develop feelings for Kinjirō, having to flee from embarrassment.

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