Mayo Chiki! Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
I Fell in Love!.
Episode Description:
Due to rumors that Kinjirō and Subaru are in a relationship, Kinjirō earns the ire of a fan club named the Shooting Star Subaru-Sama (or the S4), though their attempts are thwarted by a defected fan club called the Serve Subaru Observational Committee. Kanade has Kinjirō go on a mock date with Subaru at an arcade in an attempt to cure his gynophobia, while giving him a "butler voucher" with a sheep drawing, redeemable for any irrefusable order to Subaru, as an apology for her actions. After winning a sheep plushie for her near the end of the date, Kinjirō redeems the butler voucher and orders Subaru to baa like a sheep, but then she starts violating his personal space while asking for more orders. Kureha, who has been spying on them, suddenly appears, in which she believes that Subaru is a boy cross-dressing as a girl. Subaru easily defeats Kureha in a fight and causes her to run back home. The next day, as Kinjirō and Subaru start bonding as friends, they help each other from exposing their respective secrets, gynophobia and female identity, during a school physical examination, despite the considerable embarrassment they are forced to go through. After the two enjoy lunch together, Kanade appears while Subaru is sleeping, telling Kinjirō that Subaru has finally found her first friend. When Kinjirō returns home, he is shocked when Kureha reveals that she has fallen in love with Subaru.

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