Mayo Chiki! Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Let's Elope.
Episode Description:
On his way home, Kinjirō is drugged by Subaru with a drink made by Kanade, and he later finds himself in a hot springs resort, where Kanade explains that she has run away from the mansion because her parents decided to travel abroad for summer holidays. It is also mentioned that Kanade told the innkeeper that she was eloping with Kinjirō as a cover story, though Kinjirō is aware that Subaru and Kanade's ulterior motive was to help him cure his gynophobia while at the beach. When Kinjirō goes to the beach cafe to buy a drink, he is surprised to see Kureha, Masamune and Nakuru working there, but that is because they were chased away from their camp by a shark. Subaru and Kanade arrive near the cafe, prompting Kinjirō to have Subaru put on glasses and Kanade to introduce her as Subaru's "cousin" named Punyuru Takanashi in order to protect her identity. Masamune grills Kinjirō for spending time alone with Kanade, who claims that she and Kinjirō are eloping. Masamune disbelieves such as thing because she trusts Kinjirō as her friend, but she also unveils that she cooked meat and potato stew for him at her house and clung onto him while wearing a bikini on the previous day. Subaru overhears this and runs off upset, but as Kinjirō catches up to her, he clarifies that Masamune cooked for him as a favor for the fake date and tried an intimate approach to cure his gynophobia, though Subaru punches him in the stomach for exaggerating the details. As Kanade offers for all the girls to stay at the resort with her, Nagare shows up with the intention of taking Subaru and Kanade back to the mansion, that is until the two coerce him into letting them stay by threatening to call the police for potentially kidnapping "Punyuru". Kinjirō then notices Subaru looking off somewhere with a sad expression on her face.

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