Migi to Dali Episode 6 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Who Killed the Parent Bird?
Episode Description:
Still captive in the Ichijo home, Migi tries to be the perfect toddler to gain Reiko's affection so that he might learn more of the Ichijo family secrets. Please by Hitori's progress, Reiko allows him to eat dinner with Eiji and Karen. Reiko says this will be the end of the "conditioning program" and will allow Hitori to go home tomorrow. Knowing this is the last night they will be staying in the Ichijo home, they aim to learn who in the Ichijo family killed their mother. They decide to dress Migi as the ghost of their mother, hoping that the reactions of the family members to the ghost will reveal the culprit. Akira reacts by embracing her and calling her Metry. They assume from this that she was his mistress, suggesting to them that Akira may be their father. Reiko sees Migi dressed as Metry and tries to attack the figure with scissors. Given that both of the parents reacted to Metry as if she were still alive, they conclude that neither are the murderer. Eiji comes to the kitchen and sees Metry as a ghost, running away in fear. Migi and Dali struggle to comprehend how Eiji came to murder their mother since he was five years old at that time. Hitori is returned to the Sonoyama home with a warm welcome. At the Ichijo home, Eiji is unwell and begins to see memories of the missing button and Metry.

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