Migi to Dali Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Two ≠ One
Episode Description:
Upset that Dali tricked him, Migi has been living covertly at Akiyama's house. Dali comes to repair his relationship with Migi asking him to help avenge their mother. Migi tells Dali he no longer cares about revenge and refuses to leave. Dali decides to continue with his plans to kill Eiji, formulating a plot to kill him during the local Halloween costume contest for which Eiji is favored to win every year. As the Halloween costume contest commences, Eiji presents as sad and listless such that Dali convinces everyone that he is dressed as a beggar and his intense lack of expression shows how dedicated he is to staying in character. Eiji wins the contest and is granted a seat at the winner's throne where Dali planted a pumpkin that will fall on him when he sits. Eiji refuses the award, and Dali begins to see that Eiji is depressed for what he did to Metry. The throne goes to the second-place winners, Akiyama and Migi. As Migi walks on stage to claim the throne, Dali runs to stop him before the trap he has set kills him. Before Dali makes it to the stage, Eiji steps in to save Migi and is knocked unconscious by the pumpkin. Eiji is later seen in the hospital unconscious with his mother watching over him.

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