Monster High: Fright On!

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Episode Title:
Monster High: Fright On!.
Episode Description:
At the Maul, the ghouls and the turtles are waiting for the new Twiheart movie. They learn about the feud between vampires and werewolves after hearing them whispers amongst themselves after seeing Draculaura and Clawd holding hands together. However, it turns out they were just pointing out the toilet paper stuck to Draculaura's boot. At school later on, the ghouls get caught in the excitement of an announcement. Headmistress Bloodgood said that she was merging Monster High with two other schools. Belfry Prep is an all-vampire school while Crescent Moon High is exclusively for werewolves. She hopes to eventually unite all monsters and then eventually even the human community. While this unnerved Draculaura and Clawdeen greatly, Frankie saw this as an opportunity to unite the two backgrounds, especially after the Fear Squad was placed as welcoming committee. With a little help from Abbey, the ghouls made a killer set-up, only to have it ruined after the two schools arrive. Bram Devein and Gory Fangtell, two snobby vampires, and Dougey, a brawny werewolf, are introduced after the three pass snarky comments to one another, after which Romulus, Clawd's childhood friend, tells the werewolves to not cause trouble on their first day at their new school. The first day is an initial disaster. The vampires and werewolves claim species only territory within the school, Cleo clashes with Gory, who attempts to take over the fear squad and make it vampires only, and Romulus is shocked and upset to find out that Clawd has fallen in love with a vampire. Afterwards, Frankie makes the idea for a dance to bring the two together, and makes sure it works with the help of her friends and perfects it by turning Jackson Jekyll into Holt Hyde. But Administrator Van Hellscream, the Normie head of Monster and Normie relations, shows up and ruins everything. He and Crabgrass, his monster assistant, take over Monster High and secretly fuel the flames between vampires and werewolves,under the pretense of maintaining peace. Clawdeen and Clawd's insecure younger sister, Howleen, gets caught up in the middle of it. The two start support groups, Vampowerment and Were Pride. A disapproving Romulus begins to discreetly drive Draculaura and Clawd apart,and the two eventually split after Draculaura questions why Clawd is always listening to Romulus, worried that he was becoming intolerant...

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