Moshi Monsters: The Movie

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Episode Title:
Moshi Monsters: The Movie.
Episode Description:
Buster Bumblechops, along with his search team, obtain the Moshling egg. Buster breaks his leg. Meanwhile, Poppet, Katsuma and Mr. Snoodle are at home. Katsuma starts talking about starring in Roary Scrawl's movie. The trio go into town to meet him. Monstro City is shown, and a strange-looking Flumpy escapes with Fifi through the sewers. Poppet, Katsuma and Mr. Snoodle enter the diner. Roary Scrawl introduces them to Furi, Luvli and Diavlo. He says he wants them all to star in his movie, which angers fame-hungry Katsuma. The news reports the missing Moshling epidemic, and says that arch-criminals Dr. Strangeglove and Sweet Tooth are still on the loose. The news cuts to Buster talking about the egg, which is now on display at his museum. Poppet suggests the egg as an addition to the movie, so they go to visit Buster. Dr. Strangeglove is seen spying in the sewers with the strange Flumpy, who turns out to be his Glump Fishlips. Fifi is being put in the Glumping machine. Dr. Strangeglove and Fishlips steal the egg. The monsters arrive at the museum. Buster wants to show them the egg only to find it's not there. In its place is a holographic kit left by Dr. Strangeglove, ordering them to find three items - fried Oobla Doobla, a Blue Jeeper's tear, and Rainbow Rox, which together will make the component to hatch the egg. The monsters set out to find the items and save everyone.

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