Mune: Guardian of the Moon

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Episode Title:
Mune: Guardian of the Moon.
Episode Description:
In an imaginary world, a small Sun and Moon were made by the first Guardians to warm up a small planet inhabited by different marvelous people. The first Guardian of the Sun harpooned a star to keep it close to the planet, and hung it by chains to a mobile temple that is like a huge quadruped animal made of rock. The first Guardian of the Moon descended into the world of dreams and carved the Moon in a quarry of oneiric stones, and threw it into the sky. Since then, the Guardians follow generation after generation and preserve the harmony of the world. The people of the day and those of the night live in relative harmony, even though they are very different from each other. But in the depth of the planet, Necross awaits the opportunity to set darkness over the world. The day is approaching when Sohone, the apprentice of Xolal, Guardian of the Sun and Leeyoon, the apprentice of the Guardian of the Moon will take over from their respective predecessors who are too old to carry out their tasks. On the day of their introduction, a young girl named Glim, who lives with her father at the border of day and night, comes to watch the introduction ceremony among the crowd. The light of the Sun accepts Sohone as planned, and he proudly parades in front of the girls. Leeyoon however is avoided by the lunar ewe that is responsible for choosing the Guardians. The ewe chooses Mune instead, a carefree and shy little faun who is good at soothing people's dreams. On the following night an upset Leeyoon is visited by pale snakes who stir up his jealousy and advise him to pit Sohone against Mune. Meanwhile, Mune has troubles maneuvering the temple of the Moon correctly: the temple leaves its path and interferes with Sohone. But while Sohone leaves his temple to scold Mune, Necross sends his two imps to steal the Sun and bring it to him. Necross makes the Sun die off gradually. Night falls everywhere, plunging everyone into fear. A distressed Mune is banished from his own people, but he promises to fix his mistake. Sohone is not in a good place either, because it was his own absence that allowed the imps to steal the Sun...

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