Murder Princess Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Determination's End.
Episode Description:
Falis, Alita, and the rest of the group returns to the kingdom in order to stop Kaito from using Teoria. However, they also decide to use the powers of Teoria to switch their bodies back to their original ways. Unfortunately, Kaito makes it to the Teorial chamber first, knocking out Falis and capturing Alita. Kaito then wishes for the entire world to end. Before Kaito is able to completely activate Teoria, Falis regains conscious and attacks Kaito. Cecilia intercepts Falis and the two of them fight. Cecilia nearly kills Falis, but Falis destroys the jewel on Cecilia's chest and Cecilia dies. Kaito activates Teoria and nearly defeats Falis in the process. But Falis got right back up and defeats Kaito, nearly killing him, but stops herself at the last minute for Alita's sake. She then stops Teoria. However, as a final fail-safe measure, Teoria wipes out Dominikov, Pete, the androids, and all the synthetic beasts created with the Old World's science before its shutdown. Falis promises Alita that she will protect the country and find a way to switch them back into their normal bodies.

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