NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 1 English Subbed


Episode Title:
or not to [B]e
Episode Description:
YoRHa android soldier 2B is sent on a mission to destroy a Goliath-class Machine lifeform. However, the rest of her unit is destroyed en route, leaving her the sole survivor. Landing at an abandoned factory, 2B fights her way through multiple machines before meeting with 9S, another android specializing in reconnaissance and electronic warfare. They both scout the factory searching for the Goliath until it activates as a massive, building sized Machine. 9S attempts to hack the Goliath but is severely damaged in the process. Angered, 2B destroys the Goliath but is left stranded on top of its remains with 9S as they are surrounded by three more Goliaths. Realizing there is no chance for escape, 2B and 9S self-destruct their black boxes, destroying the Goliaths and the factory along with themselves. Sometime later, 2B is revived in a new body at the Bunker, YoRHa's orbital headquarters, with her data having been backed up right before her destruction. She reunites with 9S and finds out to her dismay that 9S prioritized backing up her data first, so he has lost all of his memories shortly after they first met.

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