NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Adam and Eve are shown steadily gaining intelligence as Adam eagerly reads old human books. 2B and 9S are given a mission by Lily to deliver supplies to a village of Machine lifeforms that have developed into a peaceful community and are willing to trade with the Resistance. They head to the village and meets its leader, Pascal, who explains that he and the other Machines in the village have severed themselves from the Machine network and now live peaceful lives. 2B and 9S are intrigued at how the Machines have been able to form a functional, human-like society. They then explore an underground chamber beneath the village, where they find an Emil head. 9S tries to hack it and catches brief glimpses of Emil's memories, and deduces the Emil head is one of many robotic weapons developed by humans to fight the Machines. Pascal explains that the village revere the Emil head, as it was what triggered their desire for self preservation and peace. However, 9S remains conflicted at the idea that Machines can grow beyond their programming. Meanwhile, Adam and Even continue to gain more knowledge, and Adam convinces Eve to refer to him as the older brother.

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