Night Raid 1931 Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
In the Country of Frozen Earth.
Episode Description:
After the Mukden Incident, Japan uses the opportunity to seize the entire Manchuria region in the next six months, leading to the establishment on Manchukuo led by Puyi, the last Qing emperor. The League of Nations sends in V. A. G. R. Bulwer-Lytton and his committee to investigate the situation, refusing to recognize Manchukuo as an independent nation. Afterwards, Isao kidnaps the delegation and shows them something as destructive as an atomic bomb in the Taklamakan Desert. He tells them report back to their country leaders of what they just saw along with the demand to relinquish control over countries they’ve colonized. Meanwhile, Sakurai requests the group to investigate on the "prophetess" whom Puyi will be meeting. However, Aoi catches a glimpse of his lover Shizune Yusa, whom he believed to have died before.

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