No Game No Life: Zero English Dubbed

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Episode Title:
No Game No Life: Zero.
Episode Description:
In the present, Izuna and Tet play a game of chess on which they have wagered food. As they begin their next game, Tet decides to tell her the story of how the world came to be in its current state. The tale begins 6000 years in the past, during the Great War, a worldwide conflict that pitted the sentient races of the world against each other as the Old Deus fought for control of the Suniaster, a conceptual device which would only reveal itself to the strongest being on the planet and make the holder the One True God. To that end, the Old Deus and the other races have effectively destroyed the world, and have driven humankind, the only race unable to use the world's magic, to the brink of extinction. Riku, the leader of humanity's last colony along with his sister Corounne, allows another one of his companions die in a Demonia attack while sourcing for information; the death, along with all the others that have come before, plague him with nightmares and guilt. The colony he leads finds itself on the verge of annihilation, with their leader unstable, their numbers dropping, and the battles that endanger their lives around the area becoming more frequent and drawing ever closer...

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