Nobunagun Episode 8 English Dubbed


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Using his EU ball, Vidocq is able to find out how the EIO manages to go from Taiwan to Florida so quickly. They used a tunnel even DOGOO didn’t know. First Platoon is sent to find out, and Vidocq’s knowledge proves correct. But there wasn’t just one EIO that made the tunnel but many EIO. Geronimo and Cyx investigate the tunnel while Gaudi is there on lookout. Inside the tunnel, they find tiny holes around the tunnel, each contain much EIO, all guarding something. Before they can investigate further, they had to escape. Something deeper in the tunnel is quickly approaching them. They quickly left and from inside the tunnel are huge tentacles. The EIO grabs one of Galileo’s probes and nearly crushes it. Vidocq stops her from deactivating her EU ball because the probe contains data it collected during the investigation. Ogura and the Second Platoon stop the EIO from crushing the probe and Galileo passes out from the pain. Vidocq is seen to care more about the data than her safety. Ogura notices a giant eye from the water, feeling that it is spying on them.

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