One Piece: Stampede English Dubbed

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The Straw Hat Pirates come to Delta Island for the Pirate Fest, a large pirate gathering organized by festivities master Buena Festa. Festa sends the pirates to a floating island to hunt for a treasure that belonged to the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. The Straw Hats and many other pirate crews, including those from the Worst Generation as well as the Buggy Pirates, Foxy Pirates, Barto Club, and Beautiful Pirates, set sail on a Knock Up Stream and do battle with each other as they race toward the treasure. However, this event is secretly set up as part of a plan between Festa and the legendary pirate Douglas Bullet. Trafalgar Law discovers this scheming and is attacked, but manages to make his way onto the Thousand Sunny and tell the Straw Hats about something suspicious going on. Robin, Sanji, Chopper and Brook go with him to investigate, and the undercover Marine Smoker goes to investigate himself as well. After sneaking into Festa's hideout, Law's group discovers that he has conspired with the Marines to send a Buster Call on Delta Island, which would destroy it and everyone on it.

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