Parasite Dolls Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
A faint voice.
Episode Description:
Buzz Nikvest, an A.D. Police officer in the secret division called the Branch, is called back to the office to look at a package, where he and Branch tech guy Bill Myers discover there will be a meet at a strip club. There, Buzz discovers a guy who was killed and a bag of capsule drugs, and is nearly killed by an attacking Boomer android until Kimball, his own partner who is also a Boomer, stops it. Despite orders from their boss to stop investigating, Buzz and Kimball discover the drugs were designed to fix Boomers from programming from going "rogue", or out of control. Michaelson, who has been tracking down rogue Boomers on the highways, discovers that the Boomers have been transmitting information to a mysterious client. Meanwhile, Chieko, a sultry-voiced radio personality is confronted by her audio engineer Boomer assistant Caine on her way home. Caine proposes to her but when she refuses, he becomes very agitated, chasing her to her apartment and pushing her down. Buzz and Kimball arrive and in the ensuing struggle, Chieko shoots Caine.

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