Peter and the Wolf 2006

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Episode Title:
Peter and the Wolf 2006.
Episode Description:
On the edge of the vast forests of Russia, where wolves still roam, lies a little cottage surrounded by a big, high fence. This is where Peter lives with his grumpy Grandfather. Pete is a 11-year old boy who is constantly picked on by the town's people and his Grandfather will not let Peter go out into the forest. Peter has a friend, the lovable Ducky (a runner duck in this version), with whom he hangs around Grandfather's yard. A Bird (a hooded crow in this version) with a broken wing arrives in the yard. Bird is very impatient with Peter and signals to go into the forest. His heart beating fast, Peter tiptoes into the cottage and reaches over his sleeping Grandfather and his snoring, overweight tabby cat. Ever so carefully Peter takes the keys to the gate.

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