Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Episode 21 English Dubbed


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At the church Reiji tells Eren that Cal is alive and is working for Inferno as the phantom assassin and expresses his guilt for having introduced her into the darkness of the underworld. Lizzie and Scythe Master begin an operation to kill off a Chinese mafia along with his former comrade who helped him escape Inferno last time but Scythe Master doesn't care about human life. The operation was about Inferno helping the Godo group dispose a rival Chinese mafia from establishing a foothold in the region. As the operatives begin to take action, Scythe Master explains that Phantom can end the operation in ten seconds. Coincidentally Drei appears to crash the mafias' meeting and kill all of them including all of Lizzie's operatives. Lizzie disapproves of the way Scythe handled the situation. She is later told by Scythe that Cal/Drei has problems since she couldn't end her relationship with Reiji, that in order for Drei to become the true phantom she has to kill Reiji with her own hands. Reiji, Eren and their group of friends have lunch together, but Eren is called away after receiving an unknown package. The package is a bullet sent by Drei for a meeting at the church and she departs. Reiji loses track of her and instead encounters Scythe. Scythe Master reveals to Reiji that he has chosen Cal as a tool of revenge against him, and that instead of brainwashing her he has simply played on her feelings for Reiji, fuelling her hatred at his abandonment of her and driving her to become a killer. Scythe thanks Zwei for leaving Cal behind for him to find and hints that Eren is being targeted by her. At the church, Drei introduces herself to Eren.

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