Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Yumemi's Wish.
Episode Description:
The junker survives the attack and manages to hit it on his second attempt, but the robot continues to attack. Yumemi tries to intercede, but the robot blows her in half while the junker successfully disables the robot. Yumemi uses some of her emergency battery life replaying some of her memories from the planetarium using a holographic projector. The junker tells her that he had come to the city to take her to her new workplace where she can serve new customers forever. Assuming him to be the god of robots, Yumemi asks him not to split up heaven so that she may always serve humans. After Yumemi's batteries are depleted, the junker takes the memory card with all of her memories and exits the city. The junker is found by three other junkers collapsed outside the city walls, but he tells them that he is a starteller.

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