Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 13 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Xiangfu Incense
Episode Description:
Shouxue fainted after the encounter with Xiao Xue, where Gaojun had a light scratch after saving her. While unconscious, Xiao Xue appeared, telling that she's already halfway to becoming the Raven, and about the "poisonous" flowers Xiang Qiang had been feeding them. She awakens when Yi Siha appears calling her a "monster," and Xue Yuyong repeating his warning to her. Before leaving, Gaojun gives Shouxue a wooden replica of the fish amulet to stand by as a substitute. As Xing-Xing returns, Shouxue remembers the name Xiao Xue mentioned, implying that Xing-Xing was once called "Halala." As they mourned the death of the Magpie Consort at Quechao, Gaojun asks Huaniang to look after the other consorts, so that it will never happen again...

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