Ren & Stimpy “Adult Party Cartoon” Episode 6 Stimpy's Pregnant


Episode Title:
Stimpy's Pregnant.
Episode Description:
Stimpy becomes pregnant with Ren's baby, causing Ren to at first abuse, and then respect Stimpy as a partner. Ren is at first disgusted with Stimpy's pregnancy, as he is forced to deal with his incessant loving moments with his child, such as attempting to explicitly eat for two. When Stimpy goes into labour, Ren is forced to start a driveby with other people on the highway. With help from the police, Ren and Stimpy successfully get to the hospital, where their child is delivered by Dr. Mr. Horse, only to learn that Stimpy was just constipated, although Dr. Mr. Horse does not have the heart to tell the anticipated "parents" this and so the waste is made to behave like an infant male, and was named Little Ricky.

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