RIN Daughters of Mnemosyne Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Flowers Don't Shed Tears.
Episode Description:
Twenty years after the events of episode two, Koki is still working for Rin, is now married to Yuki, and has a son with her. The episode opens with them receiving a call from a girl wanting to meet Rin. However, she only says one cryptic sentence and dies in front of her, which reminds Rin of a story she heard from a friend back in 1945. She soon discovers that the girl displayed the same symptoms as subjects of a biological weapon "Higan", once tested on the so-called "Death Island". The Island has been officially demolished and Tamotsu Yanagihara, a police officer and Rin's friend, confirms that its former residents were among the victims of each recent bombing in Tokyo. Soon after that, Rin is captured and brought to Death Island. Mimi decides to visit Rin's informant (whose name is never mentioned in the series) who demands sex with her in return for information on Rin's whereabouts. She informs them that the group behind the bombings and Rin's capture is called "Kudoru" (Japanese: Evil). Meanwhile on the Island, Rin discovers that Sayara Yamanobe survived as an immortal but has to rely on a powered exoskeleton to move. Surviving a vivisection, Rin escapes but is chased and killed again. Sayara explains her plan to exterminate humans with Higan, leaving only immortals on Earth. She claims that without humans, the Earth will no longer suffer from overpopulation and environmental pollution, leaving it a paradise for immortals. Koki arrives on a helicopter to free Rin but is fatally shot by Sayara. With his last strength, he consumes Shōgo's time fruit and turns into an angel. He carries Rin away from the ship to safety, thanking her for his life and kissing her goodbye. He then returns to devour Sayara but Apos arrives to remove both their time fruits, killing them instantly. The next day, Rin and Mimi are in their office, both mourning Koki's death. Koki's son, Teruki, asks his mother when his father will return home. She tearfully responds that he will be home soon and for him to be a good boy in the meantime.

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