Ronin Warriors OVA: Message Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Truth Arrives.
Episode Description:
Suzunagi laments that she has lost her spirit, no longer finding joy in the world. Ryo asks Mia why she is trying to get him from confronting Suzunagi, noting that the other Ronin Warriors have disappeared. Mia suggests that he may not need to fight and suggests a different approach. Ryo listens to voicemails from the other four members. Rowen's talks about "The Legend of the Five Warriors" and its ending, claiming that it ends in a bottomless pit of darkness with the armors destroyed. He also predicts a final battle is coming and urges them to end the cycle of violence. Cye's reflects on their previous battles, but that he is now more worried about his immediate surroundings and himself. He feels the armors have deep problems within themselves that are beyond his control, but he now wants to focus on what he can control - his own life. Kento's inquires on the occurrences of the last few days, and how he wishes they can over come their tormentor with The Inferno Armor. He tells them that he is afraid, but he is afraid because he is unsure of who they are fighting - whether it is a new villain, or themselves. Sage's urges Ryo to have faith in their emotions, telling them it is important to cause empathy for others. He feels that the armors had an influence on them for several generations, and that though the armors entwined themselves in dark moments in human history, it is ultimately the human spirit that is in control of them. It is through this mix that has caused strong compassion within the Ronin Warriors as well as humanity...

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