Sahara 2017

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Episode Title:
Sahara 2017.
Episode Description:
The film begins in a sandstorm where travelers rest with their camels beneath a cliff. Here, Ajar the snake and Pitt the scorpion successfully steal a watermelon from one of the camel's baskets. After the storm, the two protagonists try to enjoy their melon, only to have it brutally taken from them by a larger bully purple Cobra (Saladin). Later the pals are traveling through the sandstone cliffs where snakes gather in the shade, only to be pelted by melon seeds by Saladin's friends. Ajar is teased for being young and small, as he hasn't shed to his adult skin yet. At the edge of the desert, Ajar proposes to fleeing to the Oasis, but Pitt points out that the Oasis belongs to the Green Snakes. There they happen to spot Eva, a Green Snake, trying to leave the Oasis, only to be caught by one of the Secretary Birds (Chief-Chief) which guard it. Pitt uses that as a reason to not go to the Oasis, but Ajar is not discouraged. Eva is returned to her father, who reprimands her for always trying to leave the Oasis, which she clearly hates. Upset, she leaves, passing her brother Gary wearing a grass wig. Later, Eva sits by a pool of mud, and seems to get an idea while using her tail to draw shapes with the mud. Meanwhile, Ajar is painting himself green, and sneaks into the Oasis despite Pitt's complaints where they find his disguise has worked against one of the guards. After entering, it isn't long before the Secretary Birds warn of intruders ("Dusties") and the friends dart for the grass thinking it's them. They separate, and Ajar finds an unfamiliar brown snake who happens to be Eva in disguise as a Dusty, who asks for his help. They get stuck at the edge of a cliff against one of the guard birds, and Eva leaps off the cliff with Ajar. Ajar, however, can't swim, and almost drowned before being given CPR/air by Eva, which he takes for a kiss. Their disguises begin to wash away in the water, and they lose the secretary birds overhead by hiding in a river cave. There they make truce, but just as Eva heads out of the cave, she is taken by Omar, a cruel snake charmer and skinner...

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