Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Episode 3 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Lady of the North's Engagement Conditions.
Episode Description:
Lux is hailed as a hero. Lishe agrees to keep his identity as the Black Hero a secret. Relie sets up a game where the girl who steals a red request paper from Lux within one hour will get him as her servant for a week. Lux is caught by Lishe but he escapes. He is then captured by Phi but also tricks her into letting him go. With only ten minutes left he is trapped in a changing room when several girls including Krulcifer enter and strip to their underwear. He is spotted by Krulcifer who lets him remain hidden. Claiming the game is over she asks to see the red paper and he hands it over just as the bell sounds, signalling the real end of the game with Krulcifer the winner. Relie believes the horn whistle used by Ragreed is the key to a secret in the ancient ruins and asks Lux to go there. Airi warns Lux to be careful with Krulcifer as she is a noble of the Ymir Theocracy and is expected to marry another noble and will soon meet her future fiancé. Wanting to avoid this she asks Lux to pose as her boyfriend, making Lishe jealous. Krulcifer and Lux are attacked by thieves during their date. Krulcifer uses her ability to see into the future, and defeats them. They meet Alterize, Krulcifer's female butler, who is shocked Krulcifer has a boyfriend. Later they meet the arrogant Lord Kreutzer Balzeride, Krulcifer's fiancé. Krulcifer claims Lux is her boyfriend. Outraged Krulcifer would choose an ex-prince over himself Kreutzer challenges Lux to a duel in 3 days.

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