Saikano: Another Love Song Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Mission 1.
Episode Description:
The sky where the fighters crossed _ Bombers continued to drop missiles, and the area around Fukuoka Dome became a sea of fire. Then, a mysterious light appeared in the sky. The enemy's attack melts away one by one with the action of the weapon that calmly fires energy cannons while being hit by the enemy's attack... It was 'another final weapon' different from Chise's. On the other hand, Chise, who has become a weapon regardless of his will, is unbearably tormented thinking about Shuji. However, the reigns rushed to the battlefield by the military, relying on its overwhelming destructive power. A sad love song played again in a desperate battlefield. A new story that unfolds in the same time zone as the TV series. In the battlefield that everyone wanted to know, all the truths that has seen and felt are revealed for the first time!

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