Sakura Trick Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Yet Another Cherry Blossom Color / After School with Harry-chan.
Episode Description:
After Haruka and the others note Shizuku Minami behaving oddly, Kotone Nida, who is currently living with her, states Shizuku is mad at her because she kissed her on the cheek whilst she was sleeping. After speaking with Haruka and Yuu on the matter, Shizuku meets up with Kotone, stating she got mad because she felt Kotone was only staying with her because it was convenient. Kotone states she likes staying with Shizuku because of her, and the two share a mutual kiss, which Haruka and Yuu happen to come across. Later, the girls get together to try to help Yuu study for her exams instead of relying on other people's notes. After the usual methods fail due to Yuu's tendency to fall asleep, Haruka decides to use kissing to help Yuu remember the answers she needs for the test.

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