Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Scarecrow

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Episode Title:
Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Scarecrow.
Episode Description:
A teenage boy (Levi) and girl (Maizy) are hanging out in a corn field admiring a werewolf prop when they're joined by their two friends in costume. The group talks about surprising people with their creepy costumes when they see a scarecrow in the distance. Maizy records it with her camera phone and it moves towards them. The scared teenagers identify it as "Cornfield Clem" and quickly run away. The Mystery Machine has arrived at the Cobb Corner's Halloween Festival. Scooby and the gang quickly find a group of townspeople demanding the mayor cancel the Halloween festivities due to the spooky scarecrow being on the loose. The gang runs into Maizy and her boyfriend and learn of the legend of Cornfield Clem, an old scarecrow brought to life two hundred years ago by a witch seeking revenge on an angry mob. Maizy shows them the recording she took as proof and the gang set out to solve the mystery. They find the local costume shop is doing good business selling scarecrow costumes...

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