Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 12 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
That Choice...
Episode Description:
Hitoe reveals she had managed to regain her memories of her friends, having kept quiet about them as she wanted to win in order to free Yuzuki, even if it meant losing her body. Resolving her wish to free all the girls who were sealed into LRIGs, Ruko wins her battle and moves on to the rooftop to face off against Iona, with Hitoe and Yuzuki joining her to spectate. As the battle begins, Tama hears a voice calling her and soon comes across Mayu, who tries to turn her against Ruko, saying she will only know the truth if she wins her battle. With the battle nearing its climax, Tama realizes from Ruko's look that she intends to become an LRIG for the sake of her friends and becomes defiant, resulting in their ritual failing. As Ruko falls into distress about not having her wish granted, Iona and Ulith use the opportunity to undergo their own ritual, which Iona had been waiting for the right moment to undergo. Following the blast of the ritual, Ulith takes over Iona's body whilst Ruko is shocked to discover Tama has disappeared from her card, with Iona appearing in her place.

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